Music Sytem


While undertaking a radical refurbishment, the new owners of The Noisy Lobster Bar, in Ringwood, realised that the existing music system was not performing to their requirements. RIB was chosen to submit recommendations for overhauling the system to improve performance.

RIB found that the existing system, consisting of unmatched amplifiers meant that acoustic overloads were occurring in some speakers yet the audio mixing was doing its job okay. RIB designed and installed a cost effective solution integrating the existing audio mixer whilst providing a new multi-channel Amplifier and speakers.

The new system offers much improved sound quality and controllability; with discrete areas such as the bar, restaurant and outdoors being individually controllable. The new speakers even blend in unobtrusively with the new decor in these areas.

RIB scheduled the work in close liaison with the owners so the installation was completed with minimal disruption to the operation, thus impacting revenue generation the least, of the restaurant.