Automated Living


This property is a modern, luxury home in Dorset. The Client required control technology of a standard that matched the design standards of the rest of the house. RIB worked in close liaison with the Client to identify their requirements and selected every component with careful consideration of those requirements. The result is the creation of a house which is not overrun by technology, however, which works to deliver a home that meets the specific needs of this Client.

Working with Edwards Electrical, RIB took each lighting circuit back to a central point, allowing every light to be controlled by a Vantage Lighting System – which provided the keypads in each room. This allowed the Client to create combinations of lighting Moods in every room and save these via an iPhone App; allowing these programmed scenes to be recalled via the keypad in the room. This is a feature that is not available on most other systems. Each room as also been fitted with electric blinds also controlled via the keypad.

RIB worked closely with the Client to aid the creation of scenes that matched their specific needs. As the controller contains an astronomical clock it means it can add control via what the current time is. For example, all outside lights get turned on an hour before dusk only to turn most of them off later in the evening; only leaving key lights on until dawn.

This also allows Simulated Occupancy, where by the system continues to operate the lights and blinds as the occupiers would, when there is nobody home; an important security assist when away on holiday.

There is also a Solar Inverter, two-phase power, Swimming Pool control, BTP gate entry and a Heatmiser Underfloor Heating System complete with touch screen thermostats.

With a Client with very specific needs, RIB specified and provided systems which delivered a Home Cinema installation; with ceiling speakers, satellite TV and Freeview Distribution. Wifi coverage is to every room and discreet systems housed remotely, all controlled from a single remote. The home was even future prodded with additional cabling to allow for flexibility in the expansion of the AV system as and when required.