RIB are pleased to present Steinway Lyngdorf home cinema experience.

Experience The Extraordinary:

Designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark, Steinway Lyngdorf sound systems are the only systems on the planet that qualify to be manufactured in partnership with Steinway & Sons. This intimate and compelling design allows every client to experience something extraordinary. Since 2005, Steinway Lyngdorf has been the pinnacle of the audio industry which offers both discreet and feature systems fitting the need of the individual. Home Cinema is a luxury fast becoming a must in today’s design of everyday living. Why not invest in the worlds finest audio system which would without a doubt give you the experience you want and deserve from the comfort of your home.

Why choose Steinway?
Gone are the days you have to create a dedicated cinema room…
These systems are versatile with where they are installed and with the guidance from our experienced installation team you can achieve the same quality without the need to compromise on the ascetics of your room.

“After experiencing Steinway’s quality, It is astounding how Home cinema can be so absorbing and brings the Movie to life.” Anna Parsons RIB Sales Executive

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