06 Feb 2020

If you look after an elderly relative or friend, you are a carer. A smart upgrade to their home may make your job easier, less stressful and could even mean they can stay in their home for longer. An investment that could pay for itself in a very short amount of time.

Here are just a few ways a small, smart upgrade can go a long way to helping you to help them.

Motion sensors: Just a small motion sensor in the kitchen could let you know that they’ve got themselves up in the morning and are up and about or that they went to the kitchen for lunch.

Smart lights: you’re probably thinking “I don’t think they’d take to using smart lighting”. The great advances in technology have allowed us to implant the smart behind a normal light switch. Nothing will change in the operation of the light, but you’ll be able to see when the light was last turned on, or even if the bulb has blown and may need replacing.

Flood sensors: with a smart flood sensor under the washing machine, bath, kitchen sink etc., you’ll be able to help before too much damage is done by the leaking appliance. This will remove a whole load of potential stress having to have repair men in as well as the additional cost.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors: the largest cause of fires in the home is cooking equipment. If someone is distracted while cooking, it can very easily cause a fire. The smart smoke alarm can flash the lights in another room, alert you of the smoke, and trigger an outdoor siren to let others know.

These are just a few examples of how discrete smart devices can make looking after a loved one a lot easier.  As you think of more things you’d like to be able to check or get alerts for, the system can be easily expanded in the future.