15 Sep 2019

CEDIA 2019 has been and gone and with it came a few welcome extras for the Control4 customers and installers around the world:

A new automation controller.

Back in 2007 we were shown the HC1000, essentially a master brain for the Control4 system taking care of all the vital parts of the home, while smaller controllers could do their job (streaming audio, emitting infrared codes etc).

This year, we have the CA-10; a beast of a controller (specwise only, it’s still only taking up one rack unit of space). With failover power supplies and Ethernet ports, as well as automatic reporting when a failure does happen, this unit will keep a system running until your technician can attend to fix the issue.

Google Assistant Integration

Finally, after a few years talking to Alexa, our Google friendly clients can now join in talking to their homes.

More Intercom Options

Control4 is now compatible with Comelit, 2N (the makers of the Control4 DS2 doorstation) and Akuvox door entry systems meaning it can be integrated into more homes than ever before, not forgetting that it can also be installed into apartment blocks (MDU) projects.

These are the main new addons. There is also a feint hint of the Neeo remote on the horizon with a driver that adds itself to the system on updating to OS3.1. We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

All very exciting news. Let’s wait and see what ISE 2020 (which will be in Barcelona for the first time instead of its usual home of Amsterdam) brings.