15 Sep 2019

CEDIA 2019 has been and gone and with it came a few welcome extras for the Control4 customers and installers around the world: A new automation controller. Back in 2007 we were shown the HC1000, essentially a master brain for the Control4 system taking care of all the vital parts of the home, while smaller

04 Sep 2019

Cedia is always the place for big tech news and progress and we’re hoping that 2019 is no different. 2017 brought us “When > Then” programming, allowing the user to add scheduled events, logic and more to their Control4 system; a feature often restricted to the user asking for a feature to be added by

15 Sep 2017

Music streaming services offer millions of tracks to stream for your listening pleasure.  You can make playlists that serve the image that you want your customers to have of your business without having to trawl through iTunes or your CD collection, so how good would it be to just plug your smartphone into the amplifier and keep everyone engaged?  The obvious way to entertain your customers while they’re on your premises, no?